Franklin will ensure that every part of the recovery process is carried out as efficiently and quickly as possible, and will shoulder 100% of the work load and out of pocket costs in every single case we take on. It's our goal to make the entire process as simple and carefree as possible for our clients.

When we locate an asset, and contact those who are entitled, we will under no circumstance ask for any money, nor any personal information. Even in the case that a claim requires more time and effort due to such things as an arbitration process, Franklin will absolutely pay all costs up front.

We work on a contingency basis, meaning that we will not collect any payment for our services, unless we are able to collect the asset as promised. Even in the exceedingly rare situation where Franklin fails to collect an asset on behalf of our client, any costs incurred are paid by us, we accept any and all losses, with the client remaining entirely free of any responsibility, and we put this in writing. This makes dealing with us an absolutely no lose situation, whereas those individuals or businesses who are not knowledgable regarding these processes are at risk of losing time and money.

Unfortunately, in most cases where an assest remains uncollected, the entity which holds the asset will be reluctant to release the asset, since in most cases they will keep any unclaimed funds, and thus are resistant to any potential claimants. This of course makes the process much more difficult. Our team of highly experienced experts know exactly how to make this process as painless as possible for our clients, and are very knowledgable about utilizing legal means in forcing even the most resistant asset holders to yield the funds to its rightful owner.

Finally, we will be available to our clients to respond to any questions and/or concerns throughout the entire claims process. We strive to build trust with our clients, and put their minds at ease in order to provide a satisfying experience. We are extremely happy to serve our clients, and those who take advantage of the tremendous skill and knowledge we provide are not disapointed.