Over the course of more than two decades, Franklin Research & Recovery has provided an invaluable service to many thousands of people, and hundreds of businesses by recovering upwards of $100 million in unclaimed money for our clients. Along the way, we have built a reputation as a respected and trusted partner. Locating unclaimed assets and returning them to those that are entitled is a very difficult task, which requires knowledge in the fields of real property, federal, state, and county law, diligence, and years of experience.
The principals at Franklin have decades of experience that include investigative work for banks, law-firms, courts, title companies and forty years combined experience in real property. Throughout the course of doing business, we have created many solid working relationships with those involved in processing claims for lost money, allowing us to provide a smooth claim process for our clients.

Our research team is second to none, using the latest in technology to locate assets and heirs. For our team, we select individuals which are tech savvy, have a solid understanding and knowledge of various investigative techniques, and, most importantly, enjoy the work we do! Our team posses a very strong sense of satisfaction in providing the service that we do. There is a great sense of accomplishment when we are profusely thanked for helping change the course of people's lives, and assisting businesses and the individuals who make them up stay profitable and successful!

Franklin is headquartered in Utah, and we pride ourselves on our affinity for honesty, ethics, professionalism, as well as understanding and empathy for those we serve. We are a registered business in the State of Utah, and in all of the years we've been doing business have never recieved a single complaint. See our business entity registration here: